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For the past year, we’ve been heads down, listening to our learners about how we can better help you learn the skills you need for your jobs. We’ve been building, testing and taking in feedback, and today we’re rolling out a suite of new products to give you the extra support, guidance and accountability you’ve been asking for. Codecademy Pro has three tiers: Pro, Pro Intensive, and Pro Mentors, each offering a deeper experience, allowing you to choose the best level of help for your needs. 1) Codecademy Pro: provides personalized learning plans, self-directed schedules, pro-only content (quizzes and projects), and live support from professional advisors ($19.99/month) 2) Codecademy Pro Intensive: 8-10 week programs designed to teach specific skills to help advance your career ($199 each). Our first two programs, available today, teach you to Build Websites from Scratch and Build Front-End Apps. Others you’ll see from us this year include Build Back End APIs, Build Full Stack Apps, and Quality Assurance Engineering. 3) Codecademy Pro Mentors: Provides all the benefits of Pro and Intensive plus 30 minute live video sessions each week with a professional mentor for $500. Check it out – we hope you enjoy! I'll be here answering questions if anyone has them.
Hunter Walk
Partner, Homebrew
@zsims nice! congrats
Joey Cofone
Cofounder Baronfig
@zsims Love it. I learned a ton using Pro. Highly recommend it. 🚀
Neil SarkarFounder, Super Serious Company
@zsims nice work! how are you picking the mentors? I might know a few people who'd be good for it :)
Daniel O'Duffy
Codecademy person.
@zsims @neilsarkar we take applications here: send them over!
Ryan HFounder-Developer, Sworkit
Congrats! When I was learning to code I was fortunate enough to have a mentor I could ask questions to along the way. Sometimes you just need that little extra detail on a subject to wrap it together. They can also help you understand how to take the skills you've learned and apply them to building something of your own outside the lessons. Being able to bring this to the masses is incredible.