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Lots of new Features since the last Hunt. 1. Ability to Create Teams 2. Interview Playback 3. A lot of new languages (Julia, OCaml, Rust, Python3 and more) 4. Question banks 5. Launch Interviews with Question from QB embedded within the Bunk 6. Email Interviews to Candidates from within the app 7. Key Mapping for Emacs, Sublime Text, and Vim 8. Make Bunks private once you are done with the interview. Coming Soon: Test cases for Questions and ability to run them from dashboard. I really hope you guys like CodeBunk. Perhaps use it next time you interview (either side of the table) Either way, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. It will help greatly in improving CodeBunk.
@yousuffauzan it looks great. However the main thing I'm missing is autocompletion, which makes coding way harder.... Hope you gonna add it in near future. The product is very promising though, keep up the good work!
@mzygar Thanks Michal Autocompletion would indeed be a great idea. I will put together a naive version of it soon and ping you. A more robust autocompletion is still something I am trying to wrap my head around. It would be possible for some of the languages supported by CodeBunk.
@yousuffauzan Writing code completion yourself might be overwhelming. Take a look at esp. ternjs, which seems to be kind of universal
@mzygar Great! You rock!