MIT-licensed reusable code snippets

CodeBottle is a quick way to share code snippets which one re-use and/or learn from.
It's for things too small for a library, but big enough that you waste some time on during a project development :)
It can be used to share example code too.
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All feedback is highly appreciated :) UPDATE: We're working on this:
@tobyfcook Thanks! Let me know if you have any idea to improve this.
@overcoder0 would be really cool if @t4t5 incorporated this into his app Codespace!
Wow this is awesome!
I love it but I would like to have an online demo of the script (with Codepen for example) or a screenshot when not possible.
@sandochee The website contains arbitrary code of arbitrary languages - do you have a proposed idea to go about this?
@overcoder0 Yep saw that, that's why it's a bit hard :/ Maybe you can start detecting the language and display it with codepen or even this codesandbox, not sure if their API let you do this though
@sandochee Codesandbox sounds interesting, I'll check to see I can make an integration with them. Thanks!
@sandochee Agree with this comment. Maybe just focus on javascript for now and let people try it out interactively. This can turn into a super useful website. A simple curated version of stackoverflow.
@salil_sethi Focusing on JavaScript is also a viable option. I'll definitely look into this.
Would be cool to see Swift as a language option
@ginaoftherose Swift has just got added!
These are snippets, without any packaging, as such it is up to the consumer to generate and include the copyright notices - the [copy] button doesn't include the appropriate attribution nor copyright notice - and there is no guide on applying the license integration alongside one's own project licensing. Seems it is just asking for inadvertent copyright violations and plagiarism. Why not unlicense? With the copy button including a comment with the permalink and the license. The attribution comment alone would be nice for MIT, however unlicense doesn't also require the project's copyright notices to be redone for the inclusion, as once the unlicense code is embedded into a project, it would inherit the project's license.
@balupton Sorry if I am getting this wrong- MIT license does not require any form of attribution. Thus, content can be used without having to worry about providing a backlink to the website, the author or any other entity.
@overcoder0 It says directly in the MIT license that its only requirement is the copyright notice (which includes the author) and the license must be retained for the substantial work. "The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software." You should be using Unlicense if a lack of attribution and copyright notice is your intent:
@balupton Ah, well it makes a lot of sense to switch to Unlicense then! I'll definitely look into that. Thanks!