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Alan Friedman
Alan FriedmanMaker@d_alanfriedman · Product developer and designer in NYC
Hi ProductHunt, I built Codeblox as a collaborative social coding platform. You can see when someone runs your code, you can "favorite" code and also build sequences (series of blocks) with other users. Every block and sequence gets its own API endpoint too, so it's a handy way of quickly standing up a micro-service. This all works because each code block defines its input and output type (text, number, location, image, etc), allowing anyone's blocks to fit together anyone else's to build all kinds of things (think Legos). I'm excited to see what people build, and let me know if you have any feature requests or questions! Thanks, Alan P.S. Also I'll go ahead and shamelessly mention I'm looking for a co-founder to continue building this full-time. If you're interested reach out at info [at] codeblox [dot] io.
Tom Bielecki
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@d_alanfriedman this seems like it could be very complementary to !
Chris Davis
Chris Davis@imchrisdavis · Founder, Data Davis
This is nifty