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#3 Product of the DayOctober 08, 2017

With codebender, you can:

* program an existing sketch to your device

* clone an existing sketch and modify it to your needs

* share your work with the world

* embed code in your website, blog, or tutorials

With codebender, you can easily share your code with the world with our embeddable code view.

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Hi Ivan & Vasilis! What was the inspiration behind building Codebender?
@nickabouzeid Hi, I was one of the guys behind the inspiration for @codeanywhere but @codebender was really all @tzikis so he will have to answer :)
@nickabouzeid @ivanburazin ah, great question. It all came from my frustration with the existing tools I was using the Arduino IDE, the de-facto tool, for my personal & work projects, and I found it really lacking. So we wanted to build a new, easier to use and fully featured IDE. At that time I was also hosting Arduino workshops at the local hackerspace, so we wanted to build something that was social & collaborative as well. So we built codebender as an easy-to-use, Cloud-based IDE that lets you focus on your programming, collaborate easily with your friends and colleagues, and saves your projects on the cloud for easy access I'd say we did a pretty good job! 😸
@ivanburazin @tzikis Very cool, congratulations on your launch!

I have a trial use and am happy that the site works well - much better than Arduino Create which has a lot of technical problems. But it costs almost 20 times as much and is hard to justify for a hobby user. They claim 120,000 users which would give them an income of $1.2 million per month or almost $15 million a year. This I can't believe but there is no way of checking.


it works well enough


there is no way to contact them by email and i don't believe the claims fir the number of users. Also it is much too expensive.

It's too expensive for a hobby user