Development platform for Arduino users, makers and engineers

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This is exactly the kind of stuff the web dev community needs to get into electronics. Can't wait for more innovations in this industry.
@blainehatab thanks! Our goal is to make that as simple as software development
@tzikis Good luck! It would be awesome to have a little video window in there to watch an Arduino if not everyone on the team has one. I've thought about this space a ton if you ever wanna chat ideas.
@blainehatab hey, definitely. we tend to have too many ideas going around, but i'm always open to more (which, i guess, is why we have too many :P)
Cool way to get inspired for Arduino projects. Just hoped there be schematics for the electronics as well.
@nielsbosma you can use 123D Circuits or Upverter for the schematics/circuit/PCB Design if you want, they are web-based and pretty easy to use. You can even embed the schematics from those tools in your codebender projects' description if you want