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Hello everyone, one of the codebeat makers here. Over the past months, we've been working on support for Java and Kotlin. Today we're excited to announce that codebeat is ready for Android developers who can now get instant feedback on their code and feel more comfortable during the development of robust apps. Would love to hear your feedback! Thank you!
Looks nice. I hope to see something live this for other languages in the future.
@ejameswill we support Swift, Obj-C, Go, Ruby, Python, Java, and Kotlin. Currently, we are working on support for JavaScript. Private beta for JavaScript will be released very soon :)
@korzonek I can't wait for Javascript to get released then
@ejameswill it is coming very soon :) Please get in touch with us on our chat and share your email address. We will get in touch as soon as JavaScript is available together with special discount for you :) Thank you!