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I love CodeAnywhere! I probably won't use this very much, but it will be super useful in a pinch if I don't have computer access.
@ltdemian Thanks for the kind words, so sorry it is not that useful to you. Anything I can help with?
@ivanburazin No it's really cool, I am just mostly around my computer when I'm programming and would rather use that.
Very nice app for an awesome platform! Much needed code editor on a mobile phone. Makes life easier.
@miodragnikac Thanks for for the kind words!
Going to have to give this a try on my Chromebook.
@michaelcarrano Please do, would love your feedback!
Love the idea - been really interested in this for the past few years. I suspect that to make a touchscreen mobile device more productive than a laptop is going to require a completely new interface (goodbye qwerty keyboard). Curious to hear your thoughts on the future of coding! 🤔
@sebfeed Thanks! As to your question, I still believe that a qwerty keyboard will be necessary (at least until programing stays in its current form) but, the devices we have in our hands are more powerful (or at least as powerful) than the majority of desktop/laptops out there and that is a waste. A waste of computing power and a waste of pocket space (you have to bring a tablet and laptop on a trip!?). It is not an easy task, and that's why no one has done it (successfully) yet. But we believe we are on the right track. In any case would love your feedback.
@ivanburazin interesting, thanks for sharing. I find it hard to believe that the 1920s qwerty is optimal, definitely expect a radical change in how we communicate instructions to machines 😜 another interesting thing is availability of cloud computing, there's definitely a possibility to integrate AWS into mobile IDEs. I'd love to try your app, but I have an iPhone 😵😵😵
@sebfeed I agree that the qwerty is not optimal, but changing that is a bigger job than creating an Moble IDE :) It will come to this and when it does we will be there too. But our plan is to first make the Mobile IDE work at all :D Once we fix all the "dents" in the Android we will roll out the iOS as well.
@ivanburazin right on, sounds like the practical approach to this problem for now 👍🏽 excited to see iOS come out!
Great job! Might finally give my tablet some use with this, seems really feature-rich. Wondering, is the app native or done in react? :)
@ianissoawesome There is quite a bit of React ;)
@ivanburazin Wouldn't guess, thought just a part is since most of it is pretty smooth. Odlično izvedeno, keep up the good work 👍🔥
@ianissoawesome Currently fixing all the reports, in a couple of days should be perfect ;)