Learn how to code by cloning real life startups



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Leo Trieu — Founder,
Hi guys, I'm the Founder of Code4Startup. Even better, you can get the full source code of TaskRabbit clone for FREE at

We're learning by cloning amazing Startups. So not just LEARNING, but BUILDING something REAL ^.^
Dan Ruswick ☕️ — Rails Developer + Student @ Northwestern
@leotrieu Both current courses are free. What's pricing going to be like in the future?
Leo Trieu — Founder,
@danruswick To be honest, I don't have that plan at the moment. Just focus on creating awesome courses.
Keeran Ravee — Founder at Dice Studios
@leotrieu Thanks for the amazing product. When I started learning to code a few years back, this is exactly the kind of course I was looking for and unfortunately didn't find one. I had to stick with Codeacademy which is good but doesn't really show real life use cases of how the code can be used and combined to build a web application. Once again thank you for the product.
Leo Trieu — Founder,
@keeranravee that's sweet
Mike Williams —
@leotrieu this is such a good idea and how I taught myself! Congrats on the launch and looking forward to seeing it evolve.
Ehab — Co-founder, WebMenu
Hey @leotrieu this would be great for WebMenu Education. Make sure to submit the web app and get verified.
Ramandeep Singh — Product Management
@leotrieu Amazing Idea :)
Leo Trieu — Founder,
May be I should clone Producthunt as well...
Eric Watson — Co-founder, Spectafy Labs
@leotrieu Check out @telescopeapp before you go too far down this path. There is a great tutorial @DiscoverMeteor too, thanks to @SachaGreif
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@leotrieu Yeah check telescope first. Sacha does a really great job with it, and it wasn't a PH clone, he was developing it before PH was working on the website.

That said, creating a class on how to develop and launch it wouldn't be bad. His tutorials are good, but don't get as much under the hood as you'd want if you were learning it.
Leo Trieu — Founder,
@sacbookreviewer @ericwattage Thanks for your suggestions.
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