The online code editor for building APIs in a single click. is an in-browser code editor — an embeddable development environment for easily building APIs, webhooks, and workflow automation tasks that run atop the StdLib serverless platform.

Write code, click run, and we handle the rest: host your code, build your documentation, and give you everything else you need for an Enterprise-quality API.

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Hey everyone! Founder and CEO of StdLib here. Really excited to announce our new product,, and kick it off with *another* exciting announcement --- we've raised an additional $2M in financing from Stripe! Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback, we're really excited to see what you build.
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@keithwhor this looks awesome! Thanks for letting me find out about StdLib AND providing a cool in browser interface 🙌🏻. Top knotch *cracks knuckles* 👨🏻‍💻🔥🔥
@eekayonline We do what we can. :) Hope you enjoy!

This is the best online code editor I've ever seen! Clearly a ton of thought and time went into it. :) Really nice way for me to quickly try out stdlib!

And I imagine it's great for new developers and less technical people that could get discouraged with the headache of local development. Myself included.


Really cool and intuitive UI, easy token authentication, zero overhead


Templates need descriptions so I know what they do

This is incredible! Great job to the whole team. I’ve never seen an easier way to build an API. The fact that it automatically comes with a fully managed and auto scaling deployment and the most beautiful docs is just 🤯😍
@glenngillen Thanks Glenn! We're super thrilled to be able to work towards making APIs more accessible (and composable!) for everybody. :)
Hello Keith, congrats for the launch! Quick questions: do you plan to add scheduling abilities to the code editor? Also, could you add the ability to comment multiple lines? That's really frustrating and common to all online code editors I've been trying out like Auth0 extend 🙊
@hypervillain scheduling is only available via the command line right now, but we have it on the editor roadmap. I’ll look into adding multi-line commenting today. Give me a few hours :). Command + right bracket sufficient?
@keithwhor Command + right bracket yes please! 🙌
@hypervillain OK! Thanks for the feedback, we love listening to our developers and community. It took about 45 minutes, but I've added multi-line commenting as well as multi-line tab and tab reduction. Both tab and CMD+] is multi-line tab, Shift+Tab and CMD+[ are multi-line tab reduction, and I've added CMD+/ for multi-line commenting as you asked for. Try them out on (Loads a sample project.) Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you run into any issues. :)
@keithwhor Wow that was insanely fast, thanks a lot
@hypervillain No problem! Fun fact: is itself running as a serverless API on StdLib (we have endpoints that generate the HTML/JS/CSS). So our development and iteration speed is ultra-fast. You can actually build on :)