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From basics to professional in 8 weeks

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Benjamin Hoffman
Benjamin HoffmanHunter@benhoffman_ · Software Engineer
Cool twist on collaborative coding! Start with the basics of web development and continue with more advanced workshops. Bi-weekly remote pair programming, small-group sessions coupled with continuous code feedback. Learn programming skills from experts who have both educational and entrepreneurial successes. Made by @jfarmer & @jcdavison
Jesse Farmer
Jesse FarmerMaker@jfarmer · President & Co-founder, CodeUnion
Update: The above comment has since been edited, but I'll leave my comment for posterity! :D @benhoffman_ Thanks for posting this, Benjamin! Some points of clarification. Although we have semi-weekly live video sessions, our _primary_ focus is on getting students feedback on their code in the form of code reviews. We review about 50-60 pieces of code for our students per week. This is all done via GitHub. We also have a Slack chat where students can get more urgent help. Our live sessions are valuable, but not the main way we interact with students.
Jesse Farmer
Jesse FarmerMaker@jfarmer · President & Co-founder, CodeUnion
I'm Jesse, one of the co-founders of CodeUnion. If folks are reading this I'm happy to answer any questions! :) If you're curious what CodeUnion is all about, I encourage you to read some of our reviews: Our actual tagline is "Become a Developer Without Putting Your Life on Hold". We definitely do _not_ think you can become a professional developer in 8 weeks starting from the basics. Students looking to change careers are encouraged to take our sequence of three software engineering workshops: _Fundamentals of Web Development_, _Professional Engineering_, and _Topics in Computer Science_. We think marketing like "In just 8 short weeks, you WILL be able to do X" is lame and misleading. Our focus is on life-long learning. Many students just take one workshop without the intention of becoming a professional developer. We're starting a SQL workshop this coming Monday, for example, with people from product and operations teams looking to improve their SQL skills. Others do go through looking for a job and we've had students both change careers and get promoted internally.