Code to go helps developers learning JavaScript find up to date, accurate and ready to use snippets of JavaScript code for common use cases.

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Love the design, looks great on my phone. Looking forward to using this. Thanks for the awesome resource.
@nate_davis we're glad you like it :D
Great and clean UI! Search works smooth but Use Cases page needs categorization (ex: Syntax, Variables, Assignment, Strings, Numbers, etc.) in some kind of a possible tagging format.
@aparkhills makes sense, noted :D thanks!

I need it inside my editor.


Easy to use.


Maybe if there is an extenstion for code editor would be better..

This is really nice! i already added to my fav!.
@navidmirzaie I'm glad you like it!
@jadjoubran you're welcome :)
Just a heads up on your featured iteration example on Javascript array iteration- "" loops are generally NOT recommended for arrays because the order is not guaranteed (which is generally important for arrays). I don't want anyone to get a bad first impression of the product just because of the choice of example.
Hi @robmoore thanks for your comment! Did you mean "For .. of" or "For .. in"? I've used "For .. of" rather than "For" or any other alternative because it's ES2015+ and because you can break from it using the break keyword whereas with forEach or .map you can't break from it. What do you think?
@robmoore @jadjoubran I agree—the example of using "for...of" is nice, but needs to specify "when the order is not important". From a performance standpoint, to iterate over an array and keep the order preserved, a plain old "for" loop is the best, though it's uglier