Code Time

VS Code extension for automatic programming metrics

Code Time is an open source extension that provides programming metrics right in your code editor.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Xavier, and I’m a developer building code editor plugins for other developers. When I’m not coding, I’m training for my next Ironman triathlon this summer. Like competing in an Ironman, coding is a challenge of endurance and focus. My first plugin, Code Time, helps developers track their code time and other helpful metrics. You’ll also get daily and weekly reports, including a weekly report of your time by project. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the Code Time extension for VS Code. There are a few ways to see your coding metrics in VS Code: - Generate a dashboard from the VS Code menu commands - Preview hours coded per day vs. your average in the VS Code status bar - Subscribe to weekly email reports - Explore data visualizations in a web app Code Time also integrates with Live Share, so you can see how much time you spend collaborating with your team. Code Time is free to use and can be installed from the VS Code marketplace. You get 90 days of free data, then someday in the future you may see a premium version with unlimited data history for a modest charge. For now, it’s all free. I’d love to hear your feedback and will be happy to answer any questions. Happy coding! P.S. If you’re not a VS Code user, I have also added support for other code editors, like Atom, Sublime, and IntelliJ. You can find your editor here.
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@xavier_luiz installed the plugin but I've had issues signing up and getting the metrics
Really slick looking product! Has already come a long way from the first version
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As the sole technical founder in my company its really handy to have data to show why marketing and product should leave me alone in the mornings :D
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It will be helpful if you can upload the reports to internet or more precisely an mobile help so that developer can analyse any time he wants.


We get both minimal as well as visual representation of our coding habits.


Alternatives are there but they don't work as the same way CodeTime does. Most of them are complicated and online.

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Code Time is a huge value add. Understanding coding habits through analytics gives my team the competitive advantage they need to get product updates and new features out the door.
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