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Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Edit: was searching for a particular site that was hunted earlier on PH and ended up making a list of all code learning links hunted before. Hope it helps :)


Books and Bootcamps:

@rrhoover "Learn to code" - Producthunt collection maybe :) cc @ErikTorenberg
Joost Schuur
@joostschuur · Product manager, Playmob
Great to see them move to iOS, even if it's an early start (gotta begin somewhere). I could use a quick way to find all the local videos I've downloaded and access to their non course screencasts too. Will definitely be getting some use out of this one on my commute!

Worth noting that the app only handles the video content, and not their interactive coding exercises.

@jonfriskics is the developer on this one. Would be great to have him chime in on this thread.
Nick Grosvenor
@nickgrosvenor · Co-Founder, CineGrain
I actually think VisiCalc was coded on an iPhone
Simon B
@siburb · iOS Developer
When i saw this listed on PH, I couldn't believe that they hadn't been hunted already, but even better than that, they've released an iOS app.
I'll have to start getting the bus to work more often so I can watch the videos!
Alexander Kehaya
@afkehaya · Entrepreneur /
This is awesome! I've wanted to be able to take courses from my phone! Thanks
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