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#2 Product of the DayMarch 21, 2020
🔥Build your own Resume in seconds. Code Resume repos gives you to ability to create your own offline-first resume with easy customization.
Features - Offline-first, Export PDF, Theme support Dark & Light mode, Easy Customization, Responsive for all devices
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make it compile to own one page pdf (that's what most recruiters / companies ) and you have a winner 👏🏻
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@antoinetheman Sure will try to implement this feature soon.
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@antoinetheman Added support for export as pdf. Now you can export your all pages to one pdf file.
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Pretty cool. Some ideas: - top nav seems redundant - links should probably be clickable - readability: same data type should be same color (e.g. 'period' in red, 'company' in blue, etc.) - query support: console.log(amit.skills), console.log(amit.experience.from(2016).to(2018))
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@albostfan Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I will try to improve these things ASAP.
@albostfan Hey, Supported links as clickable. You just need to add link to as normal HTML anchor tag.
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Wow, very cool job !
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@sandochee Thanks for your appreciation :)
Hi @amituidev It is amazing UI but I did not understand, how can I edit the content?
@aecceyhan Thanks for your appreciation :) Its very easy to customize please check the doc once. If you face any issue while updating let me know I'll happy to guide you.
This is pretty cool. I don't quite understand it. But cool nonetheless
@jacob_rezi Thanks! I'm glad you like it. You can create your own resume by using this please check the doc once. Let me know if you face any issue.