Code Pad

A place for developers to save & share code snippets.

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How is this different from the many other options available (GistBox, Github's Gist, SnipSave, etc...)? Personally I use pastebin because it's simple & quick.
@adamcudworth It's not entirely clear, but I imagine the big win is having the ability to easily curate a suite of code snippets that I can share with fellow developers. I'd love to have a bucket of snippets, 'Essential iOS Snippets' & share that with folks. The ease of discover sounds great. For quick snippets, that I really don't want to save, you can't beat the options you laid out. But something I want to persist, categorize, and share around the team (or students)... Something like this would make the process pretty smooth.
Would take it more seriously if there weren't spelling mistakes on the home page, and needs some kind of category browsing rather than a never ending next button!