Code Mill

A marketplace for pull requests

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Hi guys, I'm the founder of CodeMill. Thanks for hunting us... here to answer all your questions
@shaharsol How do you plan to grow the community on CodeMill? It seems that there are not many people who are posting their issues at the moment.
@tieujustin Great question. With marketplaces, the "traditional" strategy to drive them is to pick a side and act on its behalf. There are currently more than 1,000 developers waiting for tasks on CodeMill (btw, all tasks but one that been created since yesterday launch have been grabbed, and one was even completed and paid) and so I'll have to act on behalf of the "clients" side. I have contacted a software services company and they agreed to experiment with CodeMill, outsourcing some work to the platform and see how it goes. If that works I can add more and hopefully the eco system will start work organically at some point. Do you have any other idea that may be useful to me?
Actually, I thought CodeMill would be very relevant to other members of this community, namely startup and app developers who can use CodeMill to scale development by outsourcing tasks to the community
Dig it! Cool idea! Hoping to see some open tasks in the marketplace soon!
Awesome work. Hopefully, there are no conflicts with Github.
This is truly awesome @shaharsol. Great work!