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OzHunter@advocateoz · CEO
After seeing other products here I have noticed that the product owner have described the product in this section a bit. I am going to take a shot at it too and yes I know our domain is neat ;) Code LABORS is a IT Job Platform created for developers specially the hardcore ones to spend less time searching for a job and to concentrate more on their daily life. Because our algorithm and team works to ensure that your profile don't get lost among the millions of unrelated profile like other job board. We keep it fresh and we keep it clean to put your profile right on the nose of the hiring managers. Our algorithm ensures that no one is cheating the system by uploaded fake profile otherwise it alerts us automatically and we take immediate action of removing it from our site. Every single person is important to us and we value your skills. Come Join us! we also have a blog ( that will eventually be updated more frequently in the future. Keep an eye out we are going to be adding some really kool things to our platform to make your life easier in finding your next career. Last but not least thank you to Product Hunt team for creating such an awesome platform to give start-ups a great way to show case our products. Thumbs Up!