Code Kingdoms

Learn to code with Minecraft and Roblox. Ages 8-14

Code your own Minecraft and Roblox games, and learn crucial coding skills the fun way!

Use our beginner-friendly code editor and video courses to write real Java and Lua code. Switch from drag-and-drop to text mode at any time. Share your creations and play with your friends.

Take Minecraft and Roblox to the next level with the power of code!

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This looks awesome, I will need to try this with my kids. I have been working with them on some of the other similar sites, but this looks really good
"Making learning to code accessible, fun and engaging is the jumping off point of London-based startup Code Kingdoms, which has today launched out of beta, after trialling its game for the past year with around 25,000 kids and 700 schools. Its educational JavaScript teaching software targets the six- to 13-year-old age-range, and can be played either as a web app via the Code Kingdoms’ site, or as an iOS app." - @riptari (TechCrunch)
Added to my Fun & Learning for Kids collection:

I don't know if I woud recommend it or not


It is fun, and has some jokes in it


Takes a long time to finish a course, and the team takes a long time to reply to messages