You can build a fully functional MVP with the skills you already have 🙀

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Thanks for the hunt, @bramk! First, a confession: I'm a terrible developer. I've always dreamed of building great software that people love, but instead, I end up swearing at my computer and abandon projects as soon as I get stuck. But about eight months ago, this changed when a friend showed me a bunch of "no-code" tools like Bubble, Typeform and Blockspring. After a few months of learning, I challenged myself to make an Airbnb clone without writing code. Ten hours later, I was done, I was tired and I was hooked. (Time-lapse video here for those curious: I built Code-Free Startup to help people with a big idea but no clue how to get started. I've been there before, hiding behind a Wordpress landing page and trying to get traction — it's brutal. It's my hope that through the courses I teach on this platform, more people will get over the fear of launching and put their app out into the world. If you want to sign up, there are three courses on the site you can check out. Two of them are free, and one requires a paid plan. I'm offering 20% for all Product Hunters for their first three months of membership. Just use the code "producthunt20" when selecting a plan (and click the rocket icon near the bottom to show the coupon field). What other code-free apps or tools would you like to see on the site?
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@brentsum This is awesome! Any way we could fit @Weld_io in there? I'll share Code-Free with our users, they'll love it!
@tomsoderlund @weld_io Would love to take a look! My email is
@brentsum Very cool — congrats on the launch, Brent! And sweet music in that video... 😉
@tomsoderlund @brentsum @weld_io I love weld, and I've been waiting for you guys to partner with these guys. Way to go!
It's awesome to have put this together!
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@estraschnov Thanks Emmanuel, Bubble was and still is a big inspiration for this project. Just wait until people see the new responsive engine you guys just built.. 💯
@brentsum @estraschnov Oh, so that happened? Yay!
I was just building up a huge list of low and no-code tools. This is really awesome.
@brentsum love it!! I had a chance to beta test it, forward it to a “non technical” friend now his head is spinning with product ideas :-) I can see Codefree much helpful to code masters as will. A lot of developers spend a lot of time building things nobody wants. This F** hurts. Codefree is a great place to find the quickest ways to get to market feedback & validation sooner. Wish you good luck!
@malihsoufian Thanks! I'm curious what developers will think of these tools as well. My guess is it will be similar to Meteor in that there will be a development speed vs. limitations/opinionated-framework debate
The airbnb clone course looks very cool. I would suggest either adding a demo or a walk-through video of the finished product on the "intro to the course" page so we're reassured that the clone in fact works like airbnb. Just my two cents!
@antonioryckman Thanks! I added the time-lapse build to the intro video, but I agree that a slower walkthrough of the product would be really helpful
@antonioryckman following up on this: I released so you can see the app in action!