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1. When will the cards support Swift? 2. Will the Swift cards be backwards compatible with the Obj-C ones?
Oh yes, one more way for us devs to look weird at parties with friends ^^ Next step: embedding card value/type in code itself, so it looks even more cryptic :)
@oelmekki you will look awesome at parties with this deck: http://playingarts.com
@vladkorzinin I have to confess looking weird is fine (I just love people "wtf" faces in those moments) ;) But thanks for sharing.
OK, I'm not a developer, but I'm so tempted to buy one of these!
Pretty cool :) Sad to see spaces around the = sign in the Python card though! Those are keyword arguments and it's considered "unpythonic" to use spaces there. https://www.python.org/dev/peps/...
Hah, awesome! This could have been perfect gift to all of my developer friends last Christmas :D