Code Bits

Helpful code snippets for data processing and analysis

Code Bits is a free repository of helpful code snippets for data processing and analysis (using Python/Pandas and SQL). Repository is open source, and goal is to provide up to date/helpful snippets to data analysts and data scientists. If you have snippets you'd like to add, please feel free to contribute via github!

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What was the spark that led you to build this, and did you create all the snippets yourselves? @crystalwesnoski @erood20
@crystalwesnoski @abadesi Good question! We've been running a number of side projects, as well as writing a number of data-oriented blog posts. We found ourselves repeatedly looking up common use cases for data analysis/cleaning (with inconsistent, sometimes outdated answers returned) so started taking our own notes. This project is just a result of organizing the notes we had, and making them available to others. We created all the snippets ourselves, though we've certainly drawn inspiration from around the internet (stack overflow answers, python docs).