Code a Ruby on Rails Web application w/instagram api

This will give you the ABILITY to create custom applications

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Web API's are mysterious things aren't they? Working with APIs might seem difficult to do, but with this book you will learn how to code a Ruby on Rails web app using data from the Instagram API. This will give you the ABILITY to create custom applications on your own quickly and more easily than ever before. No need to reinvent the wheel! This book is really two books in one. The first book covers Web APIs what APIs are, how they work, how you can register your application on Instagram and get started with our lovely techie couple, Mark and Marissa. The second book walks you through creating a Ruby on Rails using the API you just registered. You will learn We look at the brief history of Ruby on Rails, the psychology behind it, and the key concepts. including how to install. Console basics. Structure of the app. And in this section we start to code! Some ninja stuff, but not too ninja stuff, if you know what I mean. We use our super knowledge of web APIs and implement them into a Ruby on Rails web application called SearchInsta. A photo search app that allow
Is this how to build an app similar to Instagram? Or using the Instagram api? What's the difference?
@letsworkshop Hi Robert, On this web app you search for images using the Instagram web API e.g so you search for travel and it returns travel pictures , its a very simple photo search app very, straightforward but enough to get your juices going! for an example check out hope this helps! Cheers Neil
@neilp666 @letsworkshop cool add that to the site!
@letsworkshop Done and thanks for the advice. And for all PH people , use the discount code PH for $5 off until next week!