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Hi everyone, I'm Jaime Jorge CEO and Co-founder of Codacy. My team and I are super excited to be here in Product Hunt today! We'd love to offer 30% off any plan for 1 year for everyone in this great community. Just use the promo code 'ProductHunt' to get this discount. At Codacy we have the mission of putting code analysis working for your workflow. We integrate our code analysis service (that provides code coverage, static analysis, code complexity and code duplication) with your tools (Github, Bitbucket, Stash, Git repos, Slack, Jira, Hipchat, etc). In Github and Bitbucket we even comment on your pull requests with code analysis results. We also tell you what's the code quality impact of each commit and pull request which helps you manage technical debt continuously. For our customers and users we estimate that we save at least 20% off the review time, which we're doing for companies like Schneider Electric, Kiva, Myfonts and even Paypal. With this re-launch of our product we're now supporting Ruby, Java, Coffeescript, PHP, Python, Scala, JS and we're adding every week new code analysis rules. We've also launched a goals mechanism that gamifies your technical debt. It's a great way to slowly correct some issues that have been in the code base for a long time. We had big infrastructure and UI improvements over the summer and we've got exciting things in the pipeline we can't wait to tell you all about. We're also very happy to announce Codacy Enterprise so you can have Codacy running on premise. If you're looking for a way to have painless and streamlined code analysis in your workflow, try Codacy! Happy to answer any questions. Super excited to be here.
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@jaimefjorge is there any plans for SCSS and ESLint support or better custom plugins so community can jump in?
@restuta @jaimefjorge Hi Anton, sorry for the delay. We're rolling out ESLint next week and we have a way for community to contribute plugins: Would love to get in touch to talk more about this!
Thanks for the quick response. Makes it clear for me then... Codacy it is!
Good luck with this new version :)
@miguelmendes Thanks Miguel!
Hey Jamie, thanks for sharing this here. I love the team so it’s great to see your product having love today. Could you share what’s the biggest difference between Codacy and Code Climate? We’re considering the two.
@amfsd Thanks for the question and for stopping by! We have a few unique features that we believe make us more useful in your code review process: - Auto comments: the metaphor behind Codacy is to be just like another developer. With this in mind we tried to push comments in your pull requests like any other developer would. So we actually replace the need for some reviews. - Goals: we created a way for you to be actionable on your list of issues and technical debt. This feature gives you weekly objectives that have a measurable impact of your code quality. For example: fix these 10 issues to reduce your code complexity or increase code readability by 3%. - Commit and Pull request quality impact: you can see quickly what is the impact in code quality in your overall code base of commits from your team (in terms of code coverage, static analysis, complexity and duplication) - Quicker drill down on your issues: it’s easier in Codacy to get to the specific problems by drilling down per programming language, file, category of problem and code pattern. Finally, we’re trying to put static analysis in service of your needs and we also write our own code analysis rules besides integrating most of the tools available. We believe that use cases and code analysis results are what matter. We’re also a bit cheaper.
This is a great product with a great mission. The road to great products matters. Keep pushing!