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Codacy increases productivity and predictability of software development teams through quality and data. We aim to standardize the quality of your development, one pull request at a time. With this new update, you will be able to manage quality throughout your organization more easily and even dig deeper into your personal impact as a developer.

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Hi everyone! 👋 We're very excited to be on Product Hunt again. Today we're launching our new full redesign of our product that aims to enable teams to understand their code quality better. One important thing we learned over time is that there are lenses to quality. There are times that you need to see individual problems in your pull requests. There are other times where you need to make sense of Quality Trends of an organization in order to make great decisions. With our new personal dashboard, you are able to see the quality and pending reviews of your own pull requests - which is great to keep in sync with your quality impact and todos. With our new Organizations dashboard, you can see trends across multiple repos and with different metrics. We're also adding Hotspots to most of our dashboards. Hotspots have the objective of giving you actionable insights that can trigger decision points for you - such as telling you that a specific repo has gone down 19% in quality over the last 2 weeks. Overall, we feel more than ever that we understand what people go through managing quality during their sprints. We hope we get to help you make fantastic products! Thanks!
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It's a great product for single developers or organizations.


It easy to use, it has a great community and support lots of languages!


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Codacy helps you ship better code and helps you save precious hours in code reviews.

Track your code quality across your org and uncover hotspots in your code.


Increase code quality. Save time in code reviews