Stop worrying about code style with automated code reviews

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Hey guys, CEO and Co-founder of Codacy here. Really excited to be featured on PH! Please do ask away.
Jamie is one of the coolest and most humble founders I've met to-date. Lots of awesome stuff being built in Europe, and Codacy (repping Lisboa) is just one example.
Great endorsement, @joshm (see you at #EETN in a week!). @jaimefjorge - first off, your landing page is beautiful. Love the animations. Where'd the idea come from?
Codacy rocks & Jamie is fantastic. They reduce code review overhead. This means you can focus on the 'why' and context of a change without getting distracted with code-style discussions. You can browse through pull requests of famous open source projects if you want a taste of how much time and nerves that saves you. On top of that they help you identify patterns and potential problems that a human code reviewer or your test suite can easily miss. It's like your code-grammar-nazi as a service.
@joshm It's really humbling to hear that from a person I really respect. Thank you. Just following your footsteps. @rrhoover Thank you! The team is mostly composed by software engineers. We've seen time and time again developers wasting time doing the same code reviews on code style and best practices and common errors.. and so we created Codacy to help out our fellow brethren. Codacy uses tools that most developers already use (such as JSHint, CSSHint, PyLint..) and also a collection of our own code patterns that we built. We've spent a lot of time building a code analysis engine just for that. It's really an honor to be featured here. Product Hunt really is a community of great people and the engagement has been great so far!