Coda 2.5 by Panic

A fast, clean, and powerful text editor

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sublime FTW
@davidchase03 I use Sublime for text-only but when I edit code, the combo of Amazon S3 and legacy FTP integration in Coda can't be beat.
@davidchase03 I use Atom for everything. Just curious, what do you like about Sublime Text?
@lachlanjc @davidchase03 Atom is a copy-cat of sublime so eh, i also heard its not as fast... used coda before but wasnt a fan, I use a combo of sublime and fish shell :) sublime is minimal and fast nothing flashy just what i need.
@davidchase03 True, it's not quite as fast. It's great how customizable it is and all of its "packages" are really handy. I never loved Sublime Text for whatever reason.
@lachlanjc sublime has a ton of packages a lot of them have been ported to atom, and the packages system is easy to edit and create your own with superior knowledge of python... really to each his own..
While I'm a Sublime user, I was a Coda user for a long time. Interesting to see them leave the AppStore and go back to independently releasing - of course a bonus is not having to wait for Apple to approve updates.
@zaccoffman Also at US$ 99, roughly 30$ going to Apple as user acquisition cost / transaction fee is pretty steep. FWIW, I bought Coda a long time ago but nowadays use only Atom...
@andreaspizsa No doubt on the price breakdown. I ran Atom for a little bit but ultimately went back to Sublime.
I dig coda and this update.
Dunno who posted this but Coda isn't a text editor, that is massively under-serving the product. It's an IDE. The copy that's been lifted for the tagline here is only a subset of the application. Coda contains a fast, clean, powerful text editor.