The sweet email app for iPhone

BTW, all hunters signing up today or tomorrow will be automatically added in our private beta program. Head to our website to leave your email address!
@rfreling Thank you. Still waiting on my Invitation Code to test.
@lindelof I'll send all invites in one batch! So check your inbox in the next few days.
More details about CocoaMail: - it works with almost any email provider and it supports Google's 2-step verification 🗺 - It is optimized for 6/6S screens: No more awkward wrist movement to reach the top of the screen. Most basic actions are all done via buttons located at the bottom of the screen 👌 - Introducing the CocoaButton: a multi-purpose, customizable button that identifies the account currently used and reveals, when tapped, further options depending on context. It can also be long tapped or double tapped for various shortcuts too 🔴 - Playful interface: email cells, profile bubble, attachment icon, etc. are all tappable or swipable for fast and intuitive navigation. We're literally making email fun again! ...or at least we tried 🎉 - Search results display both contacts and email content. You can also display all emails from one contact, as well as all attachments for a given contact 🔎 - Full Dropbox integration (more services will be added over time) 📦 - Secure: we don't use servers to fetch and parse your emails. We simply connect to your email provider. So your emails are safe with us 🔑 We designed CocoaMail to be fun and super simple to use. With CocoaMail, you can customize your email experience using a color and letters (or even an emoji 🤓 ) for each account so you always know in which account you are at a glance! There is much more to CocoaMail so sign up on our website to access private beta. We'll accept beta invites through our website till Wednesday. Looking forward to your questions and feedback once you tried CocoaMail :)
@rfreling if Product Hunters enter their email address on the landing page to join the beta, will they all get access :)
Hi Product Hunters! We're officially unveiling CocoaMail to the world. Check our website and leave your email address to join our private beta program. With CocoaMail, we've tried to simplify how we manage our emails on a daily basis by making the interface much easier to use. See the YouTube video for a quick glimpse of how you navigate in the app. More videos coming soon.