Cocktail Mix

Tell us what you have, we choose a cocktail for you

Have some alcohol, soft drinks or even food at home and you want to create the perfect mix? With a user friendly ingredient selector, a powerful search engine and a flourishing database, finding the perfect cocktail won't be a problem anymore.
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Helping people get a good drink after work, truly the noblest of purposes.
I just installed this app and it isn't working. Says "An error occurred, please try again later". Mobile: Mi Note 6 Pro - Android 9.0 Pie.
@rajat_dangi1 Hey Rajat, I'm sorry you had to experience this issue. When the app is starting, it loads the ingredients from a server, if it cannot be reached, this error will be displayed. Did you have an internet connection when starting the app?
@julianpaul1 Yes I have an Internet connection.