A calendar for all coliving and coworking retreats

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If you guys have any questions let me know, I would be glad to answer. Thanks producthunt.
Sounds interesting but I feel like begging for more information. What's the problem this is trying to solve? It's not immediately apparent from the site. Can you show some examples? Would love to learn more. @atudotio
@davidsfeng Thank you for your feedback. A lot of people asked me about where they can find more information about the different coliving retreats. I found the calendar layout interesting to see how you can organize your next year. The next step would be to display reviews on each program to help people having a better understanding. What do you think? Thank you again for the upvote.
@atudotio cool work, I'm a fan of bringing more exposure to opportunities like these. I agree with @davidsfeng -- I'd like to better understand the core problem this is solving.
@drewmeyers @davidsfeng There are a number of newer, independent coworking and coliving companies starting out at the moment. However, the one problem we've seen for many of these retreats is that they're not reaching the right audience, and if they do reach the right audience, there's a level of trust that needs to be built prior to agreeing to a retreat. On the other side of the playing card, more and more companies (and individual contractors) are becoming aware of the opportunities for remote work and travel. However, they're not sure where to start. There are currently some popular names dominating the market, however, the smaller, independent companies offer retreats in a number of different price ranges, with different facilities, different areas of expertise (a coding camp, for example) and in a number of different locations. We hope that Cocal can 1) Be an index for the aforementioned retreats. 2) As @atudotio mentioned, eventually, have user generated reviews so that there's a level of trust and transparency with what you're investing in.
It's interesting that there are so many co-living retreats at the moment, it's really blowing up! I think it'll only keep growing as more people become location independent. It's a simple tool but I can see this becoming invaluable.. very nice job!