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Cobook allows for you to explore companies and the people who are behind them. Often times it's hard to find who works at a company and team listings/about pages are usually tucked away. Cobook makes it easy to discover these people and connect with them. By showcasing the people at your company, people looking for a job can see who works there and what their roles are to get a better sense of whether they'll be a fit. Cobook also doubles as a great way to showcase what you've worked on and who you've worked with. See my profile as an example: Check out a company page example:
@jsngr Looks great and I love that the email addresses are so accessible. Will you add options to link to social media accounts?
@matan_magril will look into it!
@jsngr Beautiful work as always, Your team deffinately has a clean unique style and every project is well executed --> this one is my favorite.
@jsngr ux suggestion (take it with a grain of salt, it's just coming from me). If the promise is learning about the people behind the companies, i feel like the people's photos and names are physically too small. Some of the profile thumbnails are almost indiscernable aside from confirming the presence of eyes, nose, and a mouth. It makes for a clean UI, but experentially, the promised story doesn't feel consistent.
Love how straight-forward it is! Great job @jsngr ๐Ÿ‘
Respect the product manager on this one. Understood the standout feature, avoided bulk, and went straight to the point.
Sign in with AngelList rather than Linkedin would be preferable ๐Ÿ˜œ
@bentossell if there was an API for that!
@jsngr I know AngelList oAuth (+ API) existed before but I can't find it now. @bentossel Is it like private or what happened?
Love it! Good job :) Would be cool if a link to the actual Linkedin profile was added next to the email one and be able to add a twitter link too.