Work remotely and sail the world.

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Hi Hunter friends, after many hours of hard work, Gerald, Tommy, Karsten and myself (James) have created an amazing opportunity for remote workers and location independents. Coboat is essentially a floating coworking space. We will take our custom 82ft catamaran around the world and offer a platform for a mix of digital nomads and entrepreneurs to come on board to work and collaborate together. We have the latest in green energy technology and will utilise the latest in satellite internet, 3G & 4G to stay connected and online. We offer trips from one week to one year and we will take up to 20 together on a creative adventure to amazing places to find inspiration. Like most other coworking spaces we will offer plenty of chances to encourage synergies, with regular events, skill & idea sharing sessions. We are non-profit and we hope to foster and develop ideas for social projects as we travel through regions. Please comment if you have questions about us, we would love to hear from you.
This is literally my dream. Hoping to make it happen for myself one day.
@shannnonb we hope you can make it on board one day, we will be going for at least 2-3 years, so maybe one day you will join us :)