The perfect fusion of your smartphone and your bike.

Turns any bike or Bosch eBike into a connected smart bike.

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Your Bike + Your Phone + COBI Hub and the free mobile App (iOS/Android) = new cycling experience. Hey Hunters, Imagine a handsfree system that lets you effortlessly listen to music, chat with friends or get real time information about your surroundings. Or how about one that keeps track of all your biking and fitness goals? All this and more is what makes the COBI system not only unique but something that turns even the most mundane trip to the store into an enjoyable journey. > Love your phone COBI is built for your phone (4–6")*. We securely mount it, charge it, and make it the dashboard of your bike. Free app updates included! The optional Smart Screen feature will auto-dim your screen on inactivity to extend the battery life. > Stay dry, stay on track Fullscreen 3D voice navigation (free worldwide offline maps!) and weather forecasting will tell you where to go and how to avoid the rain. Even save your favorite destinations. > Safe and secure Illuminate your road with the bright COBI AmbiSense auto front light and (wireless) rear light, deter theft with the alarm system, stay focused with voice feedback and hands-free control. > Connectivity is key Hook up your bluetooth headset and fitness wearables, control your e-bike engine, and call your friends directly from your handlebars. > Your fitness companion COBI tracks speed, cadence and heart-rate in real time using any Bluetooth sensors. Control your music playlist to stay motivated. ... Free iOS / Android app and firmware updates will continuously enhance the integrated smartphone cockpit, add benefits and connect great services over night – with auto updates enabled. -- What's next? – Great updates just around the corner: > Plan and explore Connect your Komoot account to extend the best connected biking system with the best global route planning experience. Upload great GPX-tours from the community or create bike-type optimized multi-destination tours or round trips – even on the go. All saved routes will instantly appear within COBI to enjoy full-size 3D or 2D navigation with turn-by-turn voice commands. > Got your back The wireless AmbiSense Brake Light will finally get turn signal and (algorithm based) auto brake light functionality. + and more TBA ride ahead :) __ * phones from 4 to 6" fit the flexible Universal Mount – dedicated Mount Case with rain cover available for iPhone 6&7/plus
@clindstedt Looks great! As a user who already invested in an existing, any plans on having a mount to accommodate it? I've always thought with products like this that adoption would be higher if current cases are considered for
This video dont say anything
I backed the @vanhawks and it's my daily rider but instead of having a smart bike, all I really needed was COBI. I'd rather buy whatever bike I want and then clip this to it to give me most of the features I wanted (integrated front and rear lights, mapping with direction, speed and trip tracking). An incredible next add-on for COBI would be a simple hub-mounted dynamo that would charge your phone and lights.
Yes! Love it. Implement an ARG?
it would be nice if it filmed your commute as well as a blackbox kind of concept, but it's cool!