Connected Biking for Everyone

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COBICommunity Management, COBI
Hello, I'm Michael, Community Manager at COBI. Thanks Kris (@kristofertm) for submitting COBI. – Awesome news: COBI is now available for everyone! Just visit to pre-order your very personal COBI system and be one of the first to enhance your ride experience with the smartest bike upgrade on the planet. :) (Free delivery for a limited time. Please spread the word and share the news. ‪#‎rideahead‬
#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam
This thing looks amazing. Speed, map, distance, all the stuff you'd want to know when you're biking through a city or out in the woods. Really slick looking light too.
Steven Hambleton
Founder, Emailancer
This looks fantastic and with flagship phones now shipping with barometers and health features, it means not having to buy a dedicated Garmin device. I didn't see any mention of waterproofing or a heart rate monitor..