A cross-platform source explorer for C/C++ & Java

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Hello product hunters! The idea to build Coati started while interning in the Google Chrome Team. I spent most of my time there reading the huge C++ codebase. So I wondered: Why is there no developer tool that helps you in understanding existing source code quicker? Coati analyses C and C++ source code and offers a simple user interface for navigating and exploring a code base. I use Coati parallel to my code editor. It helps me whenever I wonder how things relate.
Is this similar to Kite @egraether ? Tell us the story behind Coati :)
@bentossell Yes, both tools help you at programming. Whlle Kite shows you how to use certain external frameworks or APIs, Coati helps you to understand the internals of your own code base better. It's especially useful when you work in a team and the codebase constantly evolves.
We released Coati 0.7 featuring multi-threaded indexing, full text search and VIM plugin:
We wrote a new blog post explaining how to index Clang with Coati:
Hey, we wrote a post about how the idea to Coati was born, show the early prototypes and tell how the user-centered design process refined the user interface: