A crowdsourced weather forecast

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Or look outside... 😏
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@bentossell where's the fun in that ;)
@bentossell hahah, agreed. Sorry Alasdair. How do you account for tweet duds: "Walks up into the club like 'I'm gonna make it rain, yo' *sets off fire sprinklers"
@bentossell For example in my neighborhood, someone is tweeting about the IOT, and the cloud. My forecast is "Cloudy"
Is it β˜€οΈ or β˜”οΈ ? Let twitter tell you. Coatcheck me crawls tweets near you to try and make sense of the weather.
@almonk can't seem to find it in the play store
I love the idea (I had the same idea many years ago for the #uksnow trend) but it only seems to pull in one tweet at a time so doesn't really feel all that crowd-sourced...? (I'm in SF, would expect more nearby tweets)
Doesn't Sunshine app do this?