Helping tutors market, manage and grow their businesses.

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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks @naveen for hunting us. I’m excited to share Coach with you all. We built Coach to make working independently easier. As an entrepreneur, I know how rewarding it can be to invest in your own business, and I wanted to give other independent professionals that same opportunity. While we’re currently focused on tutors, our end goal is to become the go-to platform for any freelancer or independent professional who’s looking to manage, market and grow their business. So why tutors, right? Tutors are some of the most underserved independent professionals out there. Most tutoring products and services are focused on the needs of the student and other tutoring agencies/marketplaces take massive profit cuts, some as high as 75%. With Coach, we offer tutors the platform and support system they need to become more professional and less reliant on outside lead sources, so they can stay focused on what they do best: teaching. Let’s talk about the product. With Coach, tutors get their own free website, scheduling tools, online payments, and a way to earn extra money on the side through selling their own content. Aside from those features, we also offer tutors a more professional workflow, which helps them keep track of all their contacts, materials and messages. Finally, tutors can join The Coach Community to chat live with our team of marketing experts and even get their own spot in our tutor directory. So, you may be wondering, why us and why now? I’d say a lot of where we are today with Coach has to do with my experience at Carbonmade. At Carbonmade, we helped artists and designers make careers and lives for themselves and it was very rewarding. As a lifelong entrepreneur, it’s an amazing feeling to help other people build their businesses on their own. I’ve helped hundreds of people make the transition from employee to entrepreneur and helped guide them through the ups and downs. I believe that I’m in a unique position as a product designer to help people manage, market and grow their businesses, and I’m excited about the good we’ll be doing at Coach. I’ll be here all day to answer questions; you can email me directly at or message me on Twitter @spencerfry.
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@spencerfry congrats on the hunt. Your Product looks great, beautiful and easy to use - love it. You say that you want to become the go-to platform for freelancers and independent professionals - how are you different than the other sites, that offer this?
@mikkel_ulstrup Thank you. We spent a lot of time getting the product right and still have lots to do. There’s a lot of interaction between all of our core features: website, scheduling, online payments, and content. I’ve yet to come across a platform for independent professionals that focuses on both the business management and the marketing/growth of the individual. There are plenty of products out there that cover one side or the other, but at Coach we’re solving both sides of the equation. We’ve taken on a more difficult task, but to us it’s hard to solve one side of the equation without also solving the other side.
@spencerfry you're welcome. Alright that's the right selling point for me - I am impressed! I know people who are looking for exactly this kind of platform that offers that full range. I completely understand that you want to solve both sites, and I hope that you succeed with it :-) Shared your startup on Twitter!
@mikkel_ulstrup Thanks a lot. That's awesome to hear!
@spencerfry hey! Just wanted to drop in and say I'm a fan of your work. Coach looks awesome!
I’m excited to hunt Coach today. Coach is a platform for tutors (and other freelance professionals) who are looking to independently market, manage and grow their businesses. I believe Coach is going to change the tutoring/freelance industry by giving people the tools they need to successfully start and run their own businesses. I’ve known the founder, Spencer, for a long time – I’m looking forward to seeing where he and his team take Coach.
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I'm really excited to see @spencerfry & team launch this! I'm even more excited to see @spencerfry replicate some of the success that he'd had with Carbonmade in creating a super-easy, intuitive way for tutors & teachers to get online using Coach.
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I'm super excited to see this launch! @spencerfry has been on an admirable mission to help people be their own bosses and launch successful, independent businesses. Really excited to support in that effort!