Train with your friends online by YouTube video

Exercise in groups watching synchronized fitness video on YouTube
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This is great. The UX is awesome. Congrats on the launch.
Omg. Thank. You so much. My sister and I just commenced our distance YouTube fitness and this product could not of come at a more perfect time.
@iamroguelondon thank you! Please share your feedback once you try it:) the project is very new so some bugs may still come out, it would be great if you let us know:)
@dmitryulyanovml @new_user_22a87c5c68 You might be addressing the need gap - ' Buddy Training for anything and everything' posted on my platform - You're welcome to join the discussion and explain how your product solves their problem; for your customers to find your product easily.
@dmitryulyanovml @needgap thanks for the link! We'll certainly do that! Thank you again:)
Cool app! Easy to use and fun! Best for corona time!
Really superb idea. I'm a fan anything that helps people improve their health habits whether individually or collectively!
@rubenmi59943346 Thanks for the feedback