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Create lean, feature or biz model canvases for free

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Simple way to create a Lean, Feature Canvas or Business Model Canvas for free

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    Free, allows to collaborate and share the vision with colleagues, great guidance for idea, project or just a new feature development process


    Haven't found any

    I first read about this method in Cindy Alvarez's "Lean Customer Development" and was glad to see the product that was made precisely for creating Lean Canvases. Would recommend everyone who's working on new projects to try this method at least once. May be especially helpful if you are a small team and want to keep your brainstorming process in one place.

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  • Mina Tawadrous
    Mina TawadrousOperations & Lean Strategist


    -No barriers to get a canvas going


    -I feel like more can be done on the overall design. It does it's job but doesn't excite me as a new user.

    Great job team! Any plans to roll-out a library/marketplace where I can view other business' canvas as a learning experience? Maybe allow people to categorize their industry and share? (But then again, maybe your base wants to keep their cards close to their chest).

    Anyhow - amazing job!

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Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
Hey there A few months ago I built fist version of a small tool for making a Lean Canvas called CNVS ( I've got a lot of feedback from you and today I’m glad to introduce the second version of my product with a huge update. What we have inside: • Create Lean Canvas, Business Canvas or Feature Canvas in two seconds • Invite your team-mate or investor and work together in real time • Work offline and sync when you’ll back to online • Cute monsters that waiting for you (thanks @stas_kulesh) Ohh yes, and for you, it’s going be always FREE Feel free to ask me anything here or write me an email
Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @
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Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
Elia Morling
Elia Morling@tribaling ·
Great job! Have you considered adding value proposition canvas?
Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
@tribaling yes, it will be the next canvas that we'll add
Elia Morling
Elia Morling@tribaling ·
@gogola cool! I think the licensing of that canvas may be different, but maybe you looked into that?
Artur Abadzhyan
Artur Abadzhyan@artur_abadzhyan · CEO, JetHunter
Awesome product dude! Gonna use it on my projects as well!
Hey Ivo :) Great job on new version. I like everything about it: real time, works offline, syncs well and illustrations are on point :) I'm always interested if the process stops once projects like this start to seem "complete". Do you have any plans on expanding even further? Good luck with the launch! :)
Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
@dimaishere thank you 😇
Filip Alimpic
Filip Alimpic@filipalimpic
Amazing tool for fresh Startups. And I believe that as this app keeps growing, users with their companies will grow with it.