Cnverg 1.0

Trello cards + GitHub issues on realtime whiteboard for team

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Hey, thanks Ben! Rick here, Co-Founder of Cnverg. We've been hard at work adding a great new integration to our app with Trello that we're very excited about it. You can import multiple Trello boards to a space and turn your tasks into interactive cards. Combined with our GitHub integration, this makes Cnverg a powerful visual planning tool for product development teams. We've also included several new teams features and a whole bunch of UI upgrades.
Looks cool I made GIF
@nivo0o0 The GIF looks great! We were hoping to get one in to our media/image vs the static images. We love seeing GitHub issues and Trello cards working harmoniously together :) And seeing it live looks so much cooler, thanks for sharing and updating on our content page. EDIT: thanks for getting this as our main pic!
@jakirk42 @nivo0o0 Nice idea but that gif seems overly complicated
@justi84 we definitely have a lot going on in it - was from our overview video where it has more context. But @nivo0o0 made it for us and did a far better job than I would have done :)
Congrats to John and the rest of the Converg team. I've known John for a while now and they've put a lot of thought into this update. The Teams feature + integration with Trello are really stellar, and they've made a bunch of improvements with GitHub as well. Teams large and small should give it a shot!
@brandongleklen Thanks so much! We're thrilled to get Teams and Trello out in the wild. And we'd love introductions to any Product teams in your portfolio companies who are distributed, or using GitHub or Trello (especially teams using both). Please send any colleagues our way, we'll have some great specials today :)
@brandongleklen thank you for your tremendous support!
This has been really useful for real-time collaboration, especially as a layer on top of visually-lackluster tools. I've used it to triage activity on GitHub and now I'm excited to see that Trello is a supported integration. Great job John and Cnverge team!
@zacpappis thank you so much for the kind words! Also, I should tell you that we've been secretly working on a set of templates and workflows around the Traction methodology. We should have something ready to demonstrate very soon. Stay tuned!
@zacpappis thanks for the feedback! We'll look forward to getting your take on the Trello integration. I'm imagining an exercise that starts with a Business Model Canvas with whiteboarding/stickies to map out, then changes them into GitHub issues and Trello cards once they're fleshed out, and then the whole space gets "cloned" and a team goes through a Traction exercise with Bullseye. Can't wait to hear your thoughts
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