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Hello Product Hunt! I'm John Kirk, one of the Co-Founders of Cnverg. We used to get blurry pictures of whiteboards and planning walls (or send them ourselves) and that's why we built Cnverg. Teams (especially software teams) are increasingly distributed, and visual systems like whiteboards and planning walls stop being effective the second someone's outside the room. Cnverg gives you a shared space where your team can work with GitHub issues, sticky notes, images, text, and whiteboarding tools - all in real-time, all in the browser. Development teams can link their GitHub repos and pull issues into a space as interactive cards: create, assign, tag, create and close issues. You can either embed other Cnverg spaces to create custom dashboards to coordinate projects or planning sessions on the fly. We're here to answer any questions! It's a gorgeous day in Austin this morning - we're hoping to get some breakfast tacos asap :)
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I've been using CNVERG in their beta for months. It's hands down the best solution in the space. Because it works on the web, you can easily get CNVERG boards onto just about any device. Makes collaborating with an international team like our super simple and effective. Pysched to see them start rolling out things like swim-lane templates (which we taught ourselves to do manually)
@turkeymonkey thanks for the love! You'll be first to get early access to the swim-lane templates :D
This is becoming quite a crowded space - Intrigued to see the angle CNVERG are taking to separate themselves...
@bentossell Our main differentiation right now is GitHub issue integration. We're very excited about that
@bentossell anyone over at PH sign up today ;)
Hello John, Is there any option to include this app in our apps? Any APIs, developer options?
@p_shrihari we are working on API access with the goal for lots of integrations. We just exited private beta on Friday. Would love to talk directly - you can reach me at!
@jakirk42 Thanks a lot.. Will send a PM
@p_shrihari Awesome! We'll look forward to talking to you - and will love any feedback :)
Awesome morning - as a thank you we've got something special - 75% off coupon. (And of course we also have a Free tier). Here's how to claim your discounted account: 1.) Go to "My Account" then click the "Billing" tab 2.) Redeem coupon code PRODUCTHUNTOBERFEST (it's case sensitive) 3.) Click on the "Select Plan" button and then pick your desired plan 4.) Select whether you want Yearly or Monthly billing intervals 5.) Select a payment method or add payment info 6.) Accept 7.) WIN!