A platformer where you got to escape the circuit labyrinth

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Hi Product Hunters, I am Sergey Zapuhlyak, maker of CNTR. I am very grateful that my game was featured today. Thanks Nikita @nikitakorotaev! I would like to tell you about CNTR. When I was developing CNTR, I worked up each detail through including the idea of it. Having a new gameplay is critical. I wanted to create a minimalist game with a simple mechanic, where a player would be able to play with one hand on the subway, for example. Being inspired by the game Tint Pop, I thought up the circuit labyrinth with walls and chasms where you get to escape just by tapping. Using the laws of physics you have to get to the center. Each world in the game has the unique game elements or power ups. I especially liked the angry bot that tried to push you down. I implemented 3D Touch very harmoniously. You can try it from the world C. I added personality to the game. I have done a great job. It is a real indie project. The game is original, and the gameplay is fun because you probably will not be able to get to the center at the first attempt. You can be close to the goal and in a couple of seconds you may fall into a chasm and find yourself a few circles below. The game has a great personality to awoke emotions. CNTR is played equally well on all devices. Especially I like to play on Apple TV. It took seven months from idea to the final product. To watch evolution of CNTR go to the link The full version of the story you can read on Medium.   At the same time, CNTR is my 10th game in order and the first one with a gameplay made by myself. I am so excited to launch CNTR and I am looking forward to your feedback ;)
@zsergey @nikitakorotaev very nice game! Good luck Sergey!
@kirill_gurbanov I am so glad that you like it! Thanks Kirill!
@zsergey @nikitakorotaev I've just downloaded this game and played it for about 30 minutes. I definitely think that this is cool and is much better than tons of better visibility game out there. However, while checking the rating, I saw no reviews. Are you happy with the result so far?
@elltee Thanks! I'm not happy with the result. I'll improve the game.
Have been playing for about an hour today =) Good luck, Sergey!
@kirill_gurbanov Please, don't break your phone! =) Thanks you so much!
Good job & excellent game, Sergey! Checking out ;)
@sharifulin Thanks a lot! I wanted to create totally new arcade experience.
Love this game! Cool time-killer.
@alta1r Happy to hear that, thank you so much!
Yep, thats it! Nice jumping.
@sergeyminkin Thanks! Do you mean physics?