40x better returns than the bank. Help savers earn more

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Thank you for hunting us @katmanalac! Hello - I am Yuliya, co-founder of CNote ( No one likes to lose money. But millions of us are losing money as we speak – simply by keeping it in our bank account. With savings accounts not keeping up with the rate of inflation (and burning thru about 1% of our nest egg each year), we at CNote knew it was time to rethink “savings.” We’ve designed a new suite of technologies and products to help good savers earn more. Our first product is 13x better than your current bank – and comes with a feel-good: 100% of your savings deposit goes to work for the greater good – including building schools, community centers and supporting great minority entrepreneurs. We think savings doesn’t have to suck. No one should be making 0% on the money they worked so hard to earn in the first place. We’d love your feedback as we reinvent savings. We know there are tons of ways you can be spending your time so THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to tell us what you think!
@srcasm We think so too! It is time to get more than 0% on our savings and boost our communities.
Very cool concept!
@joshk thank you for sharing!
@joshk Thanks, Josh! Appreciate it!
Great product and rockstar team!
@cory_bray thank you! We are excited to bring this savings product to All!
Brilliant. I feel like my savings is on auto-pilot and that I've come to expect a horrible return. Good to know there is Cnote to help change that around. Well done
@wileyccoyote Thank you! We definitely believe its time to create financial instruments that do good and do well.
Great idea - amazing that someone has not done this already. It seems like ages since savings rates were reasonable at a bank... Kudos! One comment though, I wish the video had sound explaining what was going on. Even if it's just filing out a form, I think a verbal explanation would help, unless somehow my browser shenanigans - privacy badger, etc - messed with the audio.
@treejanitor thank you! Yep, savings rates are close to 0% and yet over 30M americans have excess savings, which is over $300B. Imagine this money can be put to work in our communities and produce financial and social return for good savers!
Great point, Chris! We'll add that!