CNN Lite

Text-only CNN, for mobile limited coverage

CNN Lite delivers the latest news from CNN quickly, in a text-only format.

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This might be more useful than ✔ Faster to load ✔ No ads ✔ Easy to scan
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@rrhoover By the way npr has a similar Lite version: What I really hate about the news sites is the auto-playing videos - perhaps a news aggregator can be built that would crawl, extract and display news snippet in text-only format!
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@rrhoover old school WAP look
I wish every publisher would do this
Is this an official CNN product?
@melkonyanrob I believe it is, mostly because of the URL.
Seriously ? I'm all for speedy but not to take the visual experience back to web 99. Throw some basic font love on this and make it enjoyable.
@dnlbtlr I think this is designed for edge cases where even loading a font may cause problems. Think using a pay as you go phone with a crappy web browser in the middle of nowhere.
@treggify it's for people with super slow data connections because of the storm.
@arasheedphoto I mean, that's also a great use case, yeah!
@treggify sure but blue underlined links ?!
@treggify @dnlbtlr Does that really matter? It's completely and totally functional.

Any chance we can get some additional color options that are easier on the eyes?


Great lo-fi solution


Needs a dark mode