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@nicholassheriff Hey! It is mobile friendly...go nuts. I understand annotations could be a nice feature, we just didn't want to muddy the clean aesthetic of the user's design, ie. leave it uncluttered. You're right about Facebook login, although I thought that devs/designers tended to use Twitter more than Facebook, but maybe I'm wrong...
@benhowdle You're actually right in a way regarding Facebook commenting I'm just not always logged onto twitter ( I'm a product designer but also develop ) so part of the reason why I have an always on policy with facebook I guess. All of the other offerings are not mobile friendly this is a huge deal to me, simply because it has to not me device specific. If a collaborator is on their iphone, mac or tablet it should work simple as that...adhering to this is going to be something that keeps me and other designers coming back. I love the simplicity and think you're off to an amazing start I just currently use a competitor redpen and I loved the old redpen ( the origional ) and I'm routing for you guys to do all the right things. Just keep going back to the basics, Annotations once you get it right isn't just a nice feature it's essential to communicate a point of view, it helps bring clarity to a point, stop misunderstandings and allow a team essentially to collaborate more fluidly. I at the moment wouldn't have use for this because I can collaborate with other tools. But allowing me as a product designer to clearly convey my point(s) to the best of my ability in various ways will be a home run for you guys. some of my work ...currently launched a new company so I'm doing that now :) doing all of the product design for our app/brand. Hoping to start using this in the workflow with developers.
:( No annotations and twitter really ( for this I would have rather used FB I'm always logged in via desktop )? Sad Panda here! also is this mobile friendly?
+1 on annotations. That feature is one of the main reasons our team is close to switching to Invision - and switching is a big deal. I also loved Red Pen for the same reason.
Wish there was a way to remove something after posting it. Very convenient for getting external feedback on things, but that's also a use case where I'd like more control over access.