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Hey Hunters! I am excited to celebrate the debut of CMRA with all of you. CMRA is the camera for Apple Watch. CMRA is a smartband for Apple Watch that elegantly incorporates 2 HD cameras into a trim watch band that easily connects with Apple Watch. CMRA gives Apple Watch the same camera functionality as a high end smartphone - an 8MP outward-facing camera for capturing photos and video, and a 2MP self-facing camera for selfies and video chat. Photos and video sync with the iPhone’s photo gallery, and can be shared directly from the Watch or from the smartphone. A camera is only valuable when it’s ready to capture. Having high definition cameras right on your wrist makes it faster and easier than ever to instantly capture and share with the world. We’re excited to see how a truly instant camera will change the way people create and share with photo and video. Be amongst the first to experience CMRA, and check it out at http://getcmra.com to learn more and pre-order. We are excited to hear what you think. Get in touch at support@getcmra.com.
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@ariroisman this is the first time I actually wanted an Apple Watch...
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@ariroisman @getcmra I know you're not shipping to the UK, but pleasssse. I'll pay for the extra cost.
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@ariroisman @getcmra Mazel tov, Ari! Looks great and kudos on the promo video, very well executed!
Thanks for your support everyone. We've added a $10 discount to those who come from Product Hunt, on top of the discount offered on the site (40%). Happy Hunting!
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@ariroisman @getcmra @eatriotte This is fabulous! I might've missed this information but what is the band material made of? Can we expect it to hold up just as well as the Apple bands or are they more like Fitbit's material?
Dick Tracy is here! I'm sure I'm not the only one who is excited about that. Can't wait to see it in action!
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Feels like someone finally nailed a significant behavioral transformation of the digital camera. Incredible implications.
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Super cool and love the video. Especially the shimmy part. 💃🏼
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@rrhoover Ha! Thanks Ryan :)
@rrhoover Lol! Props to Adam Lisagor of Sandwich Video for choreographing the shimmy!
@rrhoover Thanks, bud. How do we put it in the Sandwich collection?
Congrats guys! This looks awesome. Time to get my Iwatch out the drawer
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@bouazizalex Agreed - this might make me want to actually use my Apple Watch again