The next generation of online comments!

CMMNTZ is a next-generation application utilizing technology to fix what is broken with online commenting: high moderation costs, trolls, spam, flame wars, monopolizers, and vitriol. Users and online publishers will both benefit.

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CMMNTZ is an add-on application for online publishers that offers unprecedented choices and ways to engage for both users and publishers alike, empowering a community to have real, valuable discussions. Problem Online commenting is stale. Audiences have been pushed to social media and other sites to engage and find community, jeopardizing publishers’ traditional revenue streams. Users and sites are fed up with the old technology and all the problems that come with it: trolls, monopolizers, spam, flame wars, hate and abuse. Solution After realizing that online commenting was left in the 20th Century with all its infamous problems, Founder AJ Sharma knew there had to be a better way. CMMNTZ was born! Instead of trying to change the way users behave online through moderation, CMMNTZ utilizes technology to solve the commenting woes. With CMMNTZ you can • SORT comments multiple ways • Customize your view with ADVANCED FILTERS • Engage to unlock advanced VOTING and see AGGREGATE TOTALS of how the community engaged with a comment • Choose whether you see ANONYMOUS and GUEST posts • FRIEND or BLOCK fellow commenters • See comments ACROSS ARTICLES OF THE SAME TOPIC from various publishers in Classibridge’s network Unlike our competitors, we do not capture any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and User interactions will not be mined to resell to data brokers or used for targeted advertising.
Limiting the scope of comments down to their most basic form really cuts out the ability to be nuanced and have an individual opinion.
@ehhblinkin Thanks for the feedback! If you have any more concerns please let us know! With CMMNTZ, a user begins the experience with a view similar to the basic commenting interface we are all familiar with; however, when you begin interacting with a comment, you unlock additional interaction features that you can choose to use or not, offering an unparalleled ability to focus and pinpoint particular or certain types of comments. This allows users and publishers to find the most valuable comments to them – whether they want to see just the smartest or just the funniest or even the “top comment.” You can interact and choose what comments you see. If a user decides he or she wants to see other comments or see comments that were filtered out, then he or she can alter the filters. The voting, sorting and filtering are means for the users to not only customize which comments he or she can view, but also allows users the chance to avoid those comments that we’re all accustomed to that make comment sections places to be avoided.
@dustin_danesi I appreciate your reply. Nice to see you've thought about these cases. Definitely looks like an interesting product
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