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Your feedback is welcomed.
@michaelamegash *your feedback is welcome. Honestly, seeing quite a few typos and grammar mistakes here and on the website does not make me feel particularly confident in your service... You may want to get the copy proofed by a professional.
@anna_0x Anna first I want to say a big thank you for going through the site and giving your honest feedback; I highly appreciate it. I will be working to make the changes.
@michaelamegash no problem, good luck!
Who are those professionals exactly and how do you get them onboard ?
@pradeep_vicky we are continually building our professional coaches. The coaches we have can be found at the end of the page with a link to their LinkedIn profile. The coaches are professionals in respective fields that believe in our mission. We reach out and vet professional from LinkedIn and ask them to join our mission.
@michaelamegash Great ! all the best, Michael. Keep going.
I think this is so helpful!
@ryanhickmam Thank you Ryan. This is our proof of concept. Hoping to include natural language processing to help analyze and get instant feedback to job-seeker. Our goal is to help people show their value to their potential employer.
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@michaelamegash the NLP will be solid. Spacy, Rasa, AllenNLP -- those libraries are all your friend for such a task. I must say I am most excited to see the diversity of gender and color across your team. Makes my day 🙏
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@ryanhickmam Thank you for the feedback, is it okay to keep you posted on our progress once we implement NLP.
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