Clyp Premium

High-quality audio streaming, custom embed widgets and more

Clyp is a streamlined audio sharing and hosting platform for all types of audio creators. Whether you're a music producer or podcaster, Clyp Premium gives you the tools you need to upload, host and share: Lossless WAV streaming, customized embed widgets, unlimited uploads and more.

  • James Alan Hatch
    James Alan HatchStudent at App Academy - San Francisco

    Quick, easy, intuitive. Everything you want in an audio hosting app.


    None yet.

    Soundcloud used to be a simple audio hosting site but quickly became pidgeon-holed as a release platform for major artists. The problem is that there is a way wider audience looking for a home for their audio. Clyp provides that home, creating a sleek and intuitive app for the broad population to host song clips, work-in-progresses, voice notes, baby's first get the idea. I find myself using the app often to catch all kinds of sound. Definitely a must-have on any list.

    James Alan Hatch has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    The Clyp interface, whether for uploading media, streaming or viewing your profile, is super intuitive.


    Content discovery is always a challenge with any product like this, and they would do well to explore as many options as possible

    The Clyp team is constantly rolling out new features and improvements, so you can tell they care a great deal about delivering value to their user base. They're not just resting on their laurels expecting people to adopt their platform.

    Shaun Martin has used this product for one year.
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Tyson Ferguson
Tyson FergusonMaker@whattheferguson · Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer @ Clyp
Hey everyone! Tyson here from Clyp. We’re excited to share some awesome new premium features that we’ve been working on. Clyp has been known for a few years now as a streamlined audio sharing and hosting platform. We’ve grown into a creative community that contributes over 250 hours of content daily. To help make it even easier for creators on the platform, we’ve introduced some pretty rad features as part of Clyp Premium: - Lossless streaming - Customized embed player widgets - Unlimited uploads - RSS support (coming this week!) - Google Analytics integration (coming this week!) Since we love the PH community so much, we're going to hook y'all up with a little discount: send your Clyp profile URL to this address and mention Product Hunt in the subject line - We’ll be hanging out all day, can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Cheers, Tyson
James Alan Hatch
James Alan Hatch@jahatch512 · Student at App Academy - San Francisco
@clyp @whattheferguson Already loved Clyp but the Premium features are HUGE! Keep up the good work guys.
Zack Morgan
Zack Morgan@zee_funk · Musician / Tech Aficionado
The updates to the Clyp platform are taking them into the next level of audio sharing. Excited to see what this team continues to put out.
Gabe Hernandez
Gabe Hernandez@mymisplacedplacedpants
I'd been looking forward to Clyp Premium for a huge reason: lossless! Of course that means bigger files which is why the jump from 25mb to 250mb per Clyp on Premium is great. Previously I'd been using Dropbox to send big files but the Dropbox sync was eating up a ton of hard drive space so I had to be mindful of folder structure. Now it's just sending a link and it streams.
Matt Peterson
Matt Peterson@matt_peterson
Have been following the Clyp journey for awhile. It's awesome how far they've come with creating a super simple, accessible UI for sharing audio.
Tony Blank
Tony Blank@thetonyblank · Developer Evangelist
Clyp is a great platform for musicians and producers to collaborate across geographies - so awesome to see premium launch with lossless audio. Congrats gang!