Easiest way to record and share audio clips

Hey everybody, I'm one of the creators of Clyp. Clyp is transforming the way people capture and share the everyday sounds in their lives. From the heartbeat of an unborn child, teachers using it as a language learning tool, to musicians using it to capture their works in progress, Clyp is the go-to choice for uploading and sharing raw audio. Outside of Clyp, there’s no easy way to get your everyday sounds into “the cloud” without jumping through unnecessary hoops: we get this done in 2 clicks. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Clyp or the social audio space. Cheers!
This looks interesting. Is there an app yet? I could definitely see using this.
@alexsalkever Clyp is available on both iOS and Android.
Coincidentally, @ablexlumberg talked about the implicit pressure from investors to become an "instagram for audio" in the podcast.
Have been using this for some time, it works very well